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The Montessori Method of Dementia Buddy Basic Course

The Montessori method is used to successfully engage those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease in meaningful and rewarding activity. One of the fundamental principles of the Montessori philosophy is, “help me to do it myself”. The Montessori approach to care-giving focuses on stimulating cognitive function, reducing anxiety and enhancing a better quality of life for persons with dementia. In this course, you will learn what the Montessori method is, how to present simple Montessori inspired materials as well as ideas on how to make materials that would help the dementia patient remain active and independent. You will find the course rewarding and easy to follow as you are guided step by step on how to present each activity. Further more, what you learn from this course you can use as transferable skills in your profession as a caregiver or a nursing professional. Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.