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Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development
The Only Home of the Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma in Canada!


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  • Reiki Level I and II for Everyone!
  • Intuitive Development and Counseling
  • Be In Your Heart Training
  • Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Program
  • And our Ultimate Resiliency Training for Release of Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Self-Doubt and Fears.

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    Online Reiki Courses Powerful and Rewarding!

    High Quality Naturotherapy Studies are accessible online in Reiki, Intuitive Development and Energy Therapies
    You've always had the power! It's time to harness your compassion and purpose!

  • Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate Program

    An exceptional path to caring for every animal! Offer caring, energy sustenance and excellent health, through REIKI, for your cat or dog, ferret, fish, hamster, horse, a zoo animal, endangered species, domestic or other animal from any part of the world.

  • Intuitive Development Classes and Registered Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist Program (RIN)

    Expand your Inner Awareness for yourself and others!

  • Your Spiritual Health is Important!

    Join our New Outstanding 'I AM' Program

    We are the FIRST in the WORLD to host this amazing ONLINE 'I AM' Program and the Be In Your Heart Training!

  • Start with your future in mind!

    Build a Career as a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist.

  • Our Graduates are Practitioners of Natural Healing...

    Assessing Patients and Using Energy Therapies and other Natural Health Techniques for Their Support!

    Our graduates earn the designation of RIN - Registered Integrative Naturotherapist and become members of the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists

    Our Graduates are Practitioners of Natural Healing

To see the courses currently available through our school, please view the Online Course Library.  A list of courses to come and how to proceed in getting your R.I.N designation can be found under the Courses tab along the top bar.

We are fortunate to have a marvelous R.I.N. program that can be studied by anyone anywhere.You simply have to have the passion to make it happen!

You can enjoy one course or many for a Certificate or a Diploma in the areas of Reiki Practice and or Teaching, Energy Therapies and Intuitive Development or Counseling. Learn more here.

We are excited to bring to you the books used or mentioned in some of our Reiki, Intuition or Energy Therapy courses! Please have a look and buy your gifts and course books from here so we can bring you ever more profound course choices.

Every so often we FEATURE one of our new courses, from Animal Reiki, Intuitive Counseling, Qi Gong for Energy Workers, Energy Principles and Practices, Counseling Fundamentals for Energy Workers, to Spiritual Courses and more...

Millions of us need URP! There are only so many effective tools out there. We've included those that are already successful in eliminating worries and fears and have added Naturotherapies known to move mountains with ease!