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Counseling Fundamentals

Good morning Cheryl, Thank you for this amazing certificate. I am honored to receive this recognition. The Counseling Fundamentals course and you as my mentor (director, guru, spiritual teacher) have given me invaluable skills in collaborating with clients to discover themselves, believe in themselves and develop new coping skills. I would like to acknowledge that I have learned a lot about myself; I can utilize this extensive knowledge of empathic approach to conversations which released my pre-existing barriers to conversations. In particular, Assignment #7, the 3 minute conversation, introduced me to a joie de vivre to conversations and this skill will allow me to be open and truly understand what the client is saying without judgement and an openness to helping them find self-healing practices that will last a lifetime. With gratitude and appreciation, Louise
, AB

My Whole Family Took Some of Your Course

Oh my gosh, this last course, the “ Be In Your Heart Training” has been amazing. I am just about ready for my second quiz. My family has listened to parts of this course as well and have really valued what was said. Part 6 is was what really hit me. .. in your teachings of the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion. I absolutely loved this course beyond imagination! Thank you so much for providing this course and making it a requirement for my program. This course was a requirement for my life! I can’t wait to receive my book!
Calgary, Alberta

Be In Your Heart Course

I got up this morning and read through all the modules (just the slides) again this morning - and I want to see I absolutely love your presentation... by all means feel free to use the survey... I am grateful that I was able to share my words with you. What you present in this course - is so heartfelt... I can feel the love from the time and learning you took to create this beautiful course and to share your teachings with people. Thank you - I am looking forward to continuing to practice the light teaching you have in 'Be in your heart'. and am looking forward to the journey of the next step. I am happy we have connected...
, Saskatchewan

Only the Beginning!

In this course, I really enjoyed studying the symbols and Reiki 2 in general. Your meditation is beautiful...I got very emotional as soon as I heard it. I love everything in it, especially the I have seen my parents soul through butterflies. Thank you for being a great are a special soul and I feel so Blessed to have crossed path with you in this lifetime. Although, I'm done Reiki 2, I feel this is going to be only the beginning…
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

New R.I.N Graduate

The CSNSD's Registered Integrative Naturotherapist program introduced me to the exciting world of energy work by providing a comprehensive overview of recognized energy principles and practices for holistic healing. I benefitted greatly from the one-on-one mentoring and support provided throughout. Along the way, I fell in love with Reiki and decided to specialize in this healing modality. With my R.I.N. designation and the program's training in professional ethics and counselling fundamentals, I am ready to embark on an exciting new career as an Energy Worker and Reiki Practitioner. Thank you, CSNSD!
Janice McNally
Toronto, ON