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Be in your heart training

My experience with "Be in Your Heart Training" online workshop was amazing. Anyone seeking new self help tools that will transform their perception, feeling and everyday experience should definitely take this class. It provided me with easy to follow step by step guidelines, that I was able to follow at my own rhythm. Throughout this workshop Cheryl Jiala Driskell shared great information, insights, and examples which helped me better understand the material I was being taught. Having taken this workshop I now feel more alive, centered and connected with my own essence, heart and also much much happier and calm. Thank you for this wonderful workshop. Nelly.D.
Gatineau, Quebec

I have found the teachings to be easily applicable

(The teacher’s) unique insights and theories around the essence of life and the universe were deeply inspirational and grounding for me. Unlike many other workshops or training I've taken, I have found the teachings to be easily applicable. They have stayed with me and continue to guide me in my every-day life.
Calgary, Alberta

I have learned to listen to my higher wisdom

Through the Intuitive Development (training), I have learned to listen to my higher wisdom and have developed more confidence and trust in myself. I have also found tools to protect myself and so much more...
Gatineau, Quebec

My intuition has awakened

(The) Intuitive Development (training) was wonderfully organized and clearly outlined practices to develop intuition. (The teacher’s) personal intuitive abilities gave the course an authenticity and depth that radiated. My intuition has awakened, thanks to (this) workshop.
Gatineau, Quebec

My growing insights are shaping up into more positive things

(Within the course there were) powerful messages about how to attract and manifest the true gifts of life and love. I have learned so much from my course and my intuition has grown considerably - I have been amazed at my growth spurt - thank you for teaching me the tools to harness that. My growing insights are shaping up into more positive things. I did that releasing exercise of all my hurtful, humiliating experiences. After that, I discovered that I truly forgave the people involved. So now I am able to move on and have new love to give and share.
Nepean, Ontario