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Applied Kinesiology

Muscle testing is also known as Applied Kinesiology (AK) or manual muscle testing (MMT). It is an alternative medicine practice that is used to effectively diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments within the human or animal form. 

Upon Diagnosis...

...with appropriately used accupressure points, such as Alarm Points, you can also see how the inner emergency system is already signalling to the individual what is actively out of balance within their form.  Then with additional accupressure points known as Neurovascular Points and Neurolymphatic Points, you can begin the supportive process of brining the individual back to physical, mental and emotional balance.

At the CSNSD we also encourage our students to use any additional Energy Therapy they use with great effect and professionalism to help bring everything into balance.  It is also wise for the Energy Therapy Practitioner to guide the patient to include additional therapies when necessary.  These can include Allopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, etc.


Practitioners of the various types Energy Therapies have little to no access to methods of examination without Applied Kinesiology.  Answers are often needed to ensure that the direction of the energy treatments are the most appropriate and effective path.  Applied Kinesiology is a very well documented process for determining illness/disease/emotional and mental challenges and will guide the therapist in the use of the best healing method. You can also take this training just our of the curiosity of Muscle Testing.


This is the perfect course for Energy Workers from any background. Muscle Testing (AK) is invaluable to have as a technique to guide us in our work with others. This course will help you determine which organs and glands are functioning properly and which ones are out of balance. You can then apply your Naturotherapy and re-test.

You will learn about the:

  • Triad of Health
  • Neurovascular Points
  • Alarm Points
  • Hand and Arm Assessments
  • Clinical Intake Form
  • Examination Forms
  • Therapy Localization and more


Upon completion of our training, which is one inclusive course, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

This course can be taken independently or inclusively with our Registered Integrative Naturotherapist program.

You can sign up here for the AK programming.


AK Assignments

Assignment #1  

In 750 words or more…

Write a short essay on the importance of mastering AK for your Naturotherapy practice and why and how you would incorporate AK into your Naturotherapy practice.  If you do not presently have a practice, write about other ways that AK can support your life and that of others around you.


Assignment #2 

Using the Examination form, you now need to practice your testing skills on real people! 

Practice muscle testing on yourself (once), your family and friends by asking questions, and once you know the procedure intimately you can begin to use it with clients. 

You need to work with 7 different people.

For each person use the Clinical Intake Form and the AK Examination Form

Complete the reports fully. Depending on your specific Naturotherapies, determine the procedures/processes you would base your treatment on:

  • What are the goals you will set with each client?
  • Do you recommend an integrative approach?
  • Is there someone else they should also see, or will you be using different techniques?


Assignment #3

In approx. 500 words, write out how you felt when you were doing the tests on these clients.

  • What comes easy for you and what doesn’t? 
  • Are you using the arm or finger testing?
  • Is it likely that you will be using AK in your practice? 
  • Yes, No, Why? Anything else to add?