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The Canadian School of
Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development
The Only Home of the Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma in Canada!

Certification and Membership


The CSNSD is ACCREDITED with the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists A.N.N. as well as the the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada NHPC.

The CSNSD is acknowledged as a Designated Learning Institution (Qc) and a Canadian National Educational Institute (CRA).  Grants and loans from individual provinces can be applied to for studies with us.


Upon graduation, our graduates will be able to apply for membership to the following agencies:

A.N.N.C.  Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada 

(Full Membership as a Naturotherapist can be attained after 1000 hours of study.) 

The Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies 

(Membership as Reiki Practitioner or R.I.N. is Reiki and Energy Therapies)

The Centre for Reiki Research  No fees.

Reiki Healing Association

International Association of Reiki Professionals

and others to come... please also read below:


Reiki and the CSNSD Membership Choices

In terms of Reiki as an Energy Therapy practice, the CSNSD fosters no resolute attachments to some traditional Reiki practices, created at a time when full awareness of energy or the need for complete accessibility were not understood as priorities.  

We are opening the minds and hearts of our students to the ever increasing scientific knowledge that ‘energy is non-local’, and as such can reach anybody, for attunements or healing, from anywhere in the world through thought and intention, just like prayer (which is scientifically proven). Indeed with evolving technology, other modalities including medicine are moving toward the use of new technology to reach a broader population than was thought previously possible, for example, through the new 'Telemedicine' and also Online Integrative Medicine studies as provided to medical doctors through the University of Arizona.  The Canadian Government has also been engaged in creating a digital health infrastructure as seen through

Secondly, we are a school of universality and are open to anyone anywhere who is truly seeking self-healing or support for those around them, as such our online training can reach individuals who are: homebound with illness or agoraphobia, socially anxious, in beds or wheel chairs with no access to a Reiki teaching class, living far from the larger towns without holistic services, wanting to study in private, or so busy as parents or employees that they can’t find time to study until late at night or early morning.

In this way we are following two significant laws:

1 The laws of quantum physics

2 The accessibility laws of our country

Our views have opened some doors for us and closed others.  We accept the ways of tradition for those who would seek that path, and we welcome those who we can service when their need is indicative of our own process.  We offer the highest quality of audio/visual and illustrative education, with ongoing access to well-educated tutors. We are in fact taking Reiki training to a new level of excellence and scientific awareness, to ensure greater community acceptance of this evolving Naturotherapy.

We celebrate all Reiki paths, as long as they are provided with the positive and loving intention needed to ensure quality education, encouragement and enduring support for the student.  We accept that the unique character of one program over another does not imply dishonour or lack of credibility, but fosters in us the greatest of understanding and awakens our heart of compassion. We will, in-terms of connecting to other agencies, be gaining membership with those whose views are similar to or accepting of our own.  Great success to everyone!

Additional Quotes

"In some of the Asian nations there are sub-denominations that may comprise only part of a single district or village. The nice thing is that in Buddhism we don't fight each other over who is doing it the right way..."

“There are as many as 33,820 Christian protestant denominations in the world. Indeed, these are examples of the different perspectives that live side by side in our world, who are not at odds with one another in demonstrative ways.”