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Energy Therapies


Welcome to our 

ONLINE Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma

in Energy Therapies


This ONLINE program will provide you with the resources you need to step into the community with advanced instruction, both practical and theoretical in the area of Energy Therapies.

With your Energy Therapy RIN Diploma you can:

*Enhance the training you already have

* Assist individuals with energy balancing to bring about release of chronic illness, mental/emotional imbalance, fears, anxiety/panic, while ensuring ongoing relaxation.

*Show others how to manage their body, mind and heart in an inclusive holistic way

* Teach energy balancing and resilience

*Offer support in hospices, senior's homes, holistic health-care facilities

*Expand your awareness for your work in social work and/or health care

*Awaken your own abilities to use in the Naturo-therapeutic community of workers

* Provide insurance receipts for your clients to receive a reimbursement for your services


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Leading edge researchers in the science of physics and medicine are more and more aware of how the energy around us and through us works to create either illness or sustain health.  Energy is vibration… vibration is frequency… frequency is sound.  We live in a dynamic world where energy exists in numerous different frequencies, moving in countless different patterns.  Each unique dynamic affects us and many of these can be used by us or even through us to make positive healthy change in people’s lives.

The mystics long ago knew how to move energy through and around their bodies.  Science is only now seeing what has been hidden or buried for centuries.  The CSNSD is choosing to be a part of the great adventure of bringing Energy Therapy techniques into the everyday health community.  We intend to be a part of that great adventure!  This program takes each student through the foundations of energy therapy and shows them how energy can best be used to support the creation of an ever healthier world, filled with happy, healthy citizens.  Each course has assignments and a quiz to complete and achieve 80% or better for graduation. 


·       Learning the foundations of energy therapies and their scientific basis

·       Learning the original beliefs that provided and formulated the original energy techniques

·       Learning many of the energy techniques being used in the community and some that are only

        shared through this school

·       Learning to move energy through you in healthy ways to accommodate the needs of an

        energized practitioner

·       Learning how all energies are connected and how they work together in the universal web

·       Learning how energies actually move and change their vibration

·       Learning how to present your energy technique in a professional and ethical manner

·       Learning psychological and spiritual release techniques

·       Understanding that energy is a force and has power and how to work with it safely

·       Understanding the need for awareness of anatomy and physiology of the human form

·       Learning the practical information necessary to build and maintain a healthy ethical practice

        based in respect and healthy boundaries


To apply to the full program, please contact our office at

1000+ hours of Study in 16 courses

Practicums and Reporting