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The Canadian School of
Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development
The Only Home of the Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma in Canada!

Ethics and Privacy

We believe in a strong code of honour and are determined to foster respect for all beings, through support and safety of the body, mind, heart and spirit of everyone we work with, while encouraging the greatest possibility for positive and healthy outcomes.

We will maintain and continue to increase our resources and awareness in the areas of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development and deliver our programs safely and competently.

We will show gratitude for the opportunity to work with individuals from a variety of ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations or status.

We will safeguard all our students' right to privacy and confidentiality by holding all personal and health information in confidence, unless required to do so under statutory authority or at the request of a legal authority, such as a judge, or in the public interest.
We will not promise or make statements insinuating that people can be cured or returned to full health by our programs, but will encourage the awareness that a full integrative health care plan is a path of great opportunity and support with the potential to bring about improved health, life balance and inner peace.
We will maintain the highest ethical and practical standards in our business.
We shall obey the Laws of the provinces and country of Canada.