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Intuitive Development


Intuitive Development Certificate and the

Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma Program 


Begin with our Level I training and see how you soar!

"This course was fabulous!  I can already feel my intuition more readily as it wakes me up more often to see things I had never understood before. I am just baffled by what I am learning." S.P.


Intuitive Development Levels I thru IV            

Take the first course and see if this is the path that suits you!  

The Intuitive Path is one of the most exciting adventures of the Heart and Mind!

Private consultations with your intuitive tutor are included at your request.  She will help you uncover any remaining obstacles to your greatest intuitive self!

After taking Level I and II Intuitive Development, you can receive your Intuitive Development Certificate.  If you follow up with Levels III and IV, you can then graduate with your Advanced Intuitive Development Certificate.

We recommend no more than 4 months to complete each course, but we will leave that up to you.

The cost of each course is $185.


Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist Program

Should you wish to persue the next level of our Intuitive training and become an Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist, please review our PDF outline here and let us know so we can guide you to your next courses.  Some of these courses are already online and others are only made accessible to you privately.  

Intuitive Development and Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist Outline Download Now


Each course has a variety of modules to complete, within which there are assignments and one or more quizzes to complete and achieve 80% or better for your certificate or diploma. Practicums are necessary for students seeking the Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist. These will be agreed upon as the student completes their additional courses.

To sign up for a course, simply go to our Online Course Library SIGN-UP NOW!



Intuitive development assists each student in unveiling their natural inner essence.  It not only supports them with transformation, but also in reclaiming their connectedness to their love and wisdom, and in learning to bring these out into the world where they can be expanded for the benefit of others.  Students experience amazing new insights in this program, expanding their awareness of subtle body energy and learning to invite their intuition in at any time in the support of self and others.  Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapy students will be taught to offer their intuitive awareness in a constructive and ethical manner; supporting their client in an integrative approach to improvement of mental-emotional, spiritual and physical health and overall balance.

You can take the first course to see if you are on the correct path.  Then you can complete the remaining three levels of Intuitive studies for your Intuitive Development Certificate.  Should you wish to receive your Intuitive Integrative Naturotherapist (RIN) designation, you must then complete the more extensive trainings noted in our outline. 


Students will become familiar with the following:

·       Learning to develop easy access to intuition at anytime

·       Learning the main theories behind intuition and its heart energy nature

·       Understanding the ethical boundaries of intuitive awareness

·       Learning to help individuals and professionals in intuiting and answering necessary questions

        that would otherwise be unknown or remain hidden

·       Understanding how intuitive awareness can assist each of us in our everyday life and


·       Learning the essential foundational tools of intuitive development

·       Learning how intuition can be used in counseling and mental-emotional and physical

        health practices

·       Learning how intuition can lead to the expansion of higher consciousness

·       Learning and understanding the need for surrender practices to ensure greater intuition and a

        more peaceful life flow

·       Understanding how the universe has a natural order that is intuitive and can be understood

        easily by intuitives who are living in awareness

·       Learning valuable risk management tools to minimize exposure to legal and regulatory


·       Learning the practical information necessary to build and maintain a healthy ethical practice

        based in respect and healthy boundaries 


Levels I  - IV Intuitive Development

·       Introduction

·       Insights and Awakening        

·       Inner Knowing           

·       Intuition and Extra Sensory Perception      

·       Intuition and Your Higher Self         

·       The Universal Web   

·       Ethics of Intuition     

·       Essential Foundational Tools           

·       Journaling, Writing Flow and Sacred Spaces

·       Acceptance, Intention, and Reception        

·       Faith and Action       

·       How Do You Receive Intuition? - Part One  

·       How Do You Receive Intuition? - Part Two 

·       Accessing Your Clairvoyance -  Part One     

·       Accessing Your Clairvoyance -  Part Two     

·       Accessing Your Clairaudience - Part One     

·       Accessing Your Clairaudience - Part Two

·       Accessing Your Clairsentience - Part One    

·       Accessing Your Clairsentience - Part Two    

·       Accessing Your Claircognizance - Part One  

·       Accessing Your Claircognizance - Part Two  

·       Willingness and Patience     

·       Surrender - Part One 

·       Surrender - Part Two

·       Meditation Made Easy         

·       Working With Synchronicities          

160 hours


Additional Teachings will follow:

·       Colours, Chakras and their Intuitive Meanings

·       Intuition and High Sensitivity

·       Psychic Strength, Gratitude and Protection

·       Opening to Flow Meditation

·       Getting In-Touch With Your Intuition

·       Songs, Movies and Intuition

·       Noticing Your Environment

·       Intuition and the Heart

·       Working with Intuitive Dreaming

·       Resistance to Intuitive Flow

·       Divination

·       Psychometry

·       Remote Viewing

·       Precognition and Retrocognition

·       When in Doubt!

·       Energy Releasing Through Directive Writing

·       Reflections of Intention

·       Body Intuition – Part One

·       Body Intuition – Part Two

·       Energy Clarity Process

·       Love and Light Meditation

·       Love and Intuition

·       Mirroring in Relationships

·       Truth and A Loving Response

·       Loving Boundaries

·       Creating a Better World

And MORE...


Texts will include the following and more... 

×         Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz

×         Frequency by Penney Peirce (Author of The Intuitive Way)

×         Becoming an Intuitive Healer: A Professional Development Course for Health

           Practitioners – Judith Orloff

×         Wheels of Life: Anodea Judith

×         The Field: Lynn McTaggart

×         The Anatomy and Physiology Training is provided by Primal Online Learning -

           an Online Medical Institution requiring no books, all resources and exams are online. 

×         The Crisis Intervention text is, People in Crisis: Clinical and Diversity Perspectives

           by Lee Ann Hoff.

×        Counseling and Therapy Skills by David G. Martin