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The Canadian School of
Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development
The Only Home of the Registered Integrative Naturotherapist Diploma in Canada!


Philosophy of the CSNSD

Given the opportunity...

We invite people to see their whole being, the world and the universe at large with new eyes; to understand that all energies around us influence everything we think, feel and experience. 

We invite you to educate yourself and inspire others to influence the world with an open heart and the use of compassion.

We will trust others that they become trustworthy.

We will inspire others that they become inspirational.

We will love others that they become loving.

We will show compassion for others that they too can show compassion.

We will allow the teachings of the heart to make way for healthy thoughts.

We will encourage others to look beyond the observable to the light of the unobserved and all its positive manifestations.

We will raise the lower energies to their highest energy value to increase hope, faith, confidence, health and peace within all beings.

And with our new perceptions we will foster personal and world peace... in full understanding.

Our undoing becomes our ‘BEING’... our BEING becomes our Compassion... our Compassion exposing our Truth and our eventual Happiness.