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Walk the Layers of Your Consciousness

Is a part of the UNFOLDING ONENESS - Advanced Consciousness Work with Cheryl Jiala Driskell.

When we are wiser, we do better!

We live more justly.

We are more able to love and be loved.

Wisdom is akin to our greater consciousness.

It is the voice that echoes through us in pursuit of better and broader.

It is the LEADING EDGE way of living such that WE ARE profound contributors to a happier, healthier, more connected 'in awareness' world community!

Join us in Unfolding our Greatest Consciousness~


This work is very important to Cheryl.  She believes wholeheartedly that all the bigotry, hatred, wars, inner negative voices, hunger, lack of good water, environmental destruction, and ongoing suffering around the world is significantly the result of Lower Consciousness.  She has made it her life mission to provide ongoing resources/tools to help people unfold into the One Consciousness that is all health & all compassion.  The closer we get to this 'space' of awareness, the more we ACT in healthy, compassionate ways and cannot even think or behave in ways that do not support the 'whole'.  This leads only to a better, happier, healthier world overall.


This Part One Certificate Program is available only through the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development and the Oneness Centre in Lapeche, Quebec.

This course is presently all on ZOOM.

Cheryl is a Sufi teacher, Intuitive Energy Therapist/Counselor and Author of 5 books, including ‘ONENESS’, due out in the Spring or Summer of 2023.

This course will help you unveil your greatest wisdom and act from there!

This is the path of awakening, sometimes wonderful and other times difficult. We all need to learn how to navigate life and the experience of awakening because we are all on that path already, together and individualized.


You will learn:

* How All Paths Lead to the ONE.

* The Absolute Truth Cannot Be Written.

* Why striving for awakening can be a significant error for your well-being.

* What are stations of consciousness?

* The Surprising Role You Play on Earth as a Human ‘Becoming’

* How ONENESS is experienced as Consciousness.

* How to work with the Collective Consciousness.

* How this work can help you heal every aspect of your life. Your choice.

*  Why Unfolding Intuitions as Guidance are a direct result of your practical consciousness work.

* What is Mind?  What Thoughts are and How do They Affect us?  What are Ideas, Mirrors and Wholeness?

* What is Soul and can we actually see it?

* That You Cannot Acquire Knowledge – It is Given!

* Some Practices to Help You Awaken.

* How the VEILS of UNAWARENESS are Leading You Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole and How to Manage this pattern.

* How the Layers of Consciousness are WITHIN You and OUTSIDE of You All at Once.

* What Happens When We Transition?

* How likely or unlikely it is that there are past lives.

* And more…


6 weeks of training, with one final week for follow-up.  7:00-8:30pm (time change to include westerners)

For more about Cheryl and her new Advanced Consciousness Centre, please

click here.


Please send Cheryl an email at to indicate your interest in this class.

To pay the course fee you can sign-up using Paypal below or send an e-transfer to her email as noted above.