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Reiki Courses

Our Reiki training is a High-Quality College Level training intended to support you in becoming one of the best educated in Reiki!

You can now become a Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher with us!

Many reasons why people have told us they have wanted to study Reiki... perhaps you can relate to their needs:

  • I am sensitive to energy flow and want to learn to work with it better.
  • I have always just felt drawn to work with energy... so here I am!
  • I love people and want to give back to my community.
  • I have heard that Reiki is a compassionate practice and I want to be a part of something like that.
  • I heard about Reiki many years ago but never had time to do it until now... the online training makes it so much easier and more accessible.
  • I need something I can use to help myself relax more and with greater ease.
  • I can't seem to sleep and I heard one of my friends say that they often fall asleep when they give themselves a Reiki at bedtime.
  • I need a tool to help one of my family members find relief from the chronic illness they are living with.
  • I heard that it could help people with arthritis, chrones disease, chronic infections, teeth problems, muscle aches etc.
  • I want to feel what it is like to hold my child while the Reiki is in flow and help my family by ensuring their overall healthy life balance now.
  • I knew the minute I experienced a Reiki session that this was something that I also wanted to learn to do.
  • I can't afford to get sick that often and my immune system is weak... I have a feeling that Reiki will help me to stay stronger overall.


To sign up for Reiki Level I & II, simply go to our Online Course Library 

The Master Teacher Level is accessible when the first two levels have been completed with us.

Simply contact your tutor to place the course in your school classroom.


From Our Dean of Naturotherapies:


Hello! My name is Cheryl Jiala Driskell.  I am an author, intuitive counselor and energy therapist, Registered Integrative Naturotherapist and have been a Master Reiki Teacher for over 20 years. The CSNSD assures that the quality of their training is superior to any in Canada.  We have assured a platform that enables practitioners with the highest quality theoretical and practical background. Each student will graduate with invaluable skills to assist them in working with clients/patients in holistic care centres, nursing homes, hospices, spas, hospitals, senior residences, at home, etc. We take our Reiki Practitioners and Teachers to a new level of excellence!  It is our belief that one day Reiki will be used in every health centre or spa and that each training should prepare the student with excellence in mind and practice. 



Reiki needs to be accessible to everyone in every community. Reiki increases self-confidence, helps create connections with others, helps release countless aches and pains, welcomes through inner-peace and lessens chronic health problems.  Overall it can help anyone improve their health and overall life substantially.

People who have studied with the CSNSD have constantly noted the ease with which they can study, while also feeling fully educated and supervised. For many it may seem impossible to study Reiki with children keeping them so busy or their work hours not allowing them to find time for classes. For some chronic illness or life limitations have kept them from enjoying a class. Hence, our ONLINE training! We are very proud of our high-quality online training and we hope you will be too!  Join us and you will see how amazing the Reiki can be, especially when you are the one who can instantly turn it on to be used during the necessary moments of peace, calming or healing.  


Our Reiki Levels

Reiki Level I  (Certificate) ($285) (we recommend 4 months or less to complete this course)

Reiki Level II (Certificate)  ($365) (we recommend 4 months or less to complete this course)

Reiki Level III  (Certificate) ($425) Reiki Fundamentals III Master/Teacher Level (we recommend 4 months or more to complete this course)


With additional courses, the Reiki Master Teacher designation can then become an R.I.N. Diploma.



Reiki is a wonderful practical everyday life-tool, used to benefit and increase the individual’s positive life experience. It is a gentle relaxation/health technique provided through the practitioners hands to assist the individual with improvement of their whole health; body, mind, heart and spirit.

This is a comprehensive course divided into four levels to train practitioners of Reiki and Registered Integrative Naturotherapists with a Reiki specialization. Each level of Reiki training assists the student in understanding the theoretical and practical applications of Reiki, as well as the ethical and legal necessities within a therapeutic practice. This course fills a crucial need in the community, helping to provide alternative and integrative support to client/patients in an overburdened health care system.

The first three levels of Reiki can be taken for certificates and the status of Reiki Master/Teacher.  Should the student wish to receive their Registered Integrative Therapist designation, they must then complete the more extensive trainings. Should they already be a Reiki practitioner or teacher and wish to receive their R.I.N. designation, some exemptions can be provided to gain advanced standing in our program. 

We have developed a course of more than 1200 hours of training such that our Reiki graduates can be considered for positions in the professional health and spa communities and eventually gain access to insurance receipts for this work. This is an ongoing challenge that we will be a part of trying to achieve on behalf of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in the future.

Each course has modules within which there are assignments and a quiz to be completed with 80% or better to receive your certificate.


Students will become familiar with the following:

  • Learning valuable energy techniques to assist yourself and others in improving health
  • Learning practical Reiki hand positions for self and other.
  • Understanding the main theories of Reiki and universal energy
  • Understanding when, why and how Reiki should be applied
  • Understanding the living matrix that extends itself beyond the human form
  • Learning the personal and professional Reiki hand positions
  • Learning valuable risk management tools to minimize exposure to legal and regulatory actions
  • Learning the practical information necessary to build and maintain a healthy Reiki practice based in respect and mutual understanding
  • Understanding of ethical concepts in mind/body therapies
  • Assistance in the development of high-quality Reiki training by our students for future generations

Reiki Level 1

Part One

  • Introduction
  • The Story of Reiki
  • What is Reiki?
  • Why study Reiki?
  • Quiz – 80% or greater

Part Two

  • Reiki Breathing – a couple of choices
  • Positive Intention
  • Turning on the Reiki
  • When you begin your Reiki
  • The Three Pillars – Gassho, Reiji-Ho, Chiryo
  • The Reiki Ideals
  • Following a Session
  • Connecting to Your Hands
  • Working On Your Own Life First
  • Rubbing Your Hands Together
  • Grounding and Preparation
  • Creating a Reiki Space
  • Clearing the Room
  • Quiz – 80% or greater

Part Three

  • Using Your Hands
  • Chair Reiki & Reiki as First Aid
  • Personal Treatment Hand Positions
  • Full Treatment for Family/Clients
  • Attunements
  • Readings and Assignment from “The Essential Reiki”
  • Step-by-step Guidance with Clients
  • The Loving Tool that is Reiki
  • Presentation of CRA documents
  • Attunement
  • 6 assignments in total and 4 Quizzes – 80% or greater
  • Practical Reports for personal care and care of others
  • (120 study hours + practicum of 5 personal and 5 client sessions – 2 on video or skype)

Reiki Level II

Part One

  • Welcome Back and reflection on previous level
  • Children and Reiki
  • Chakras
  • The Living Matrix – Human Energy Fields
  • Quiz – 80% or greater

Part Two

  • The Healing Curve
  • Release Techniques – including the Sedona Method
  • Reiki and Animals
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Readings from “Hands of Light”
  • Quiz – 80% or greater

Part Three

  • Symbols – Choku Rei, Sa Hei Ki and Hon Sha Za Sho Nen
  • Layering the Symbols
  • Scanning
  • Long Distance Reiki – two types
  • Readings and Assignment from “Hands of Light”
  • Practical Reports for Client Care
  • Presentation of CRA documents
  • Attunement
  • Quiz – 80% or greater
  • Practical Reports for ongoing self-care and care of others
  • (120 study hours + practicums 5 personal and 5 client sessions – 2 on video or skype)

Reiki Level III

  • Receipt of your Master Symbol and integration teaching
  • Reflection on previous level and Aura Clearing technique
  • Setting up your Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Attunements and Shamanic Reiki
  • Certification and Membership
  • (120 study hours + practicums 5 personal))

FINAL Reiki Assignment of Course Development

(Please speak with your Tutor about this)

Quizzes with each course 80% or greater requirement

(360 hours of study are included to the Reiki Master/Teacher Level.  You can then add 1 more course to gain Membership to the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada.  You will then qualify to provide insurance receipts.  You can also further your studies with us and receive your Diploma and Designation as a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, R.I.N.)


The Reiki courses have been written and designed by a Reiki Master/Teacher with 18 years of experience in Reiki and extensive awareness in complementary therapies.

Reiki and the CSNSD Membership Choices

In terms of Reiki as an Energy Therapy practice, the CSNSD fosters no resolute attachments to some traditional Reiki practices, created at a time when full awareness of energy or the need for complete accessibility were not understood as priorities.  

We are opening the minds and hearts of our students to the ever increasing scientific knowledge that ‘energy is non-local’, and as such can reach anybody, for attunements or healing, from anywhere in the world through thought and intention, just like prayer (which is scientifically proven). Indeed with evolving technology, other modalities including medicine are moving toward the use of new technology to reach a broader population than was thought previously possible, for example, through the new 'Telemedicine' and also Online Integrative Medicine studies as provided to medical doctors through the University of Arizona. The Canadian Government has also been engaged in creating a digital health infrastructure as seen through

Secondly, we are a school of universality and are open to anyone anywhere who is truly seeking self-healing or support for those around them, as such our online training can reach individuals who are: homebound with illness or agoraphobia, socially anxious, in beds or wheel chairs with no access to a Reiki teaching class, living far from the larger towns without holistic services, wanting to study in private, or so busy as parents or employees that they can’t find time to study until late at night or early morning.

In this way we are following two significant laws:

1 The laws of quantum physics

2 The accessibility laws of our country

Our views have opened some doors for us and closed others.  We accept the ways of tradition for those who would seek that path, and we welcome those who we can service when their need is indicative of our own process.  We offer the highest quality of audio/visual and illustrative education, with ongoing access to well-educated tutors. We are in fact taking Reiki training to a new level of excellence and scientific awareness, to ensure greater community acceptance of this evolving Naturotherapy.

We celebrate all Reiki paths, as long as they are provided with the positive and loving intention needed to ensure quality education, encouragement and enduring support for the student.  We accept that the unique character of one program over another does not imply dishonour or lack of credibility, but fosters in us the greatest of understanding and awakens our heart of compassion. We will, in-terms of connecting to other agencies, be gaining membership with those whose views are similar to or accepting of our own.  Great success to everyone!

Additional Quotes

"In some of the Asian nations there are sub-denominations that may comprise only part of a single district or village. The nice thing is that in Buddhism we don't fight each other over who is doing it the right way..."

“There are as many as 33,820 Christian protestant denominations in the world. Indeed, these are examples of the different perspectives that live side by side in our world, who are not at odds with one another in demonstrative ways.”